Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Thinking of you sympathy card

Hello everyone,

We came back from holiday a couple days ago having had wonderful weather and a great time. We were in the beautiful East Sussex countryside in a converted stable cottage that had a lovely garden which backed on to a wildflower meadow that in turn led on to a secluded wood. We visited gardens and pretty villages on the South Downs, and I even managed to fit in a workshop at the Craft Barn and at the Glitter Pot craft shops! The weather was so hot that there was a real problem with glue setting far too quickly but my sticky fingers just added to the fun.

Whilst at the cottage, a baby blue tit decided to come inside to visit and then panicked when it couldn't get out. OK it was me that panicked but my husband gently caught the bird and took it outside to continue its adventures.

When we returned, we had some sad news that a friend's father had died so I made a quick sympathy card to send. I really should keep some sympathy cards on hand but it always seems more tempting to make celebration cards instead. Anyway back to the mound of washing. Have a great week and as always, it would be great to hear your comments.

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  1. Beautiful and simple, which is what is required on a sympathy card. x


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