Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Faitrade mug sets

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to have been MIA for so long but things have been a bit hectic for me. I am still cooking for my daughter's party on Saturday even though the freezer is bursting at the seams, - and I am loving every minute of it. It is ages since I did so much batch cooking and I love seeing it all laid out for people to enjoy. Perhaps there is a bit of the earthmother in me after all!

On top of that, a good friend of mine came downstairs on Valentine's day to find a dozen red roses, a card, and an engaement ring along with a proposal from her partner of 16 years! They are going to get married on 2nd April and have asked us to be the Matron of honour and Best Man at their wedding. I haven't organised a Hen Party since I was a teenager but I am requested to make it a sedate affair and I'm not sure what that looks like!

It is Fairtrade Fortnight here in the UK and I have been making up mug packs again for my daughter to sell at the Fairtrade Cafe she organises at her school

Yummy hot chocolate, marshmallows, a candy cane and Kitkat make up the contents and I am sure some of the children will be snapping these up to give to their Mums on Mothers Day on 18th March.

some of the packs ready to go!

We are off to the Lake District for a couple of days now and I hope normal service will resume around here next week.

Thanks for looking.

Carol x


  1. Well busy bee...but it;s good to hear you enjoy every minute of it. And you are a wonderful mum; how sweet of you to make allthese mug packs for the fair trade night.....

  2. Well, you certainly have been busy...doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon! Great projects!


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