Monday, 15 April 2013

Inspiration Showcase

Hello everyone,

I want to try a different kind of post today. I have mentioned before how appreciative I am that so many people have chosen to follow or visit my blog, and I get a real boost from the kind comments that are left for me to see. I also get tremendous inspiration from visiting my follower's blogs and would like to introduce some of that work to you so that you can visit them if you choose and see their talent for yourselves. I am not sure of the etiquette of doing this and I don't want to offend anyone by providing a link to their blog if they would rather not participate, so please let me know if you do not like it and I will take the entry down as soon as possible.

The first person I want to show you is Anne from Love Making Things. Anne lives in Wales, has been a follower since my early days of blogging and has always been supportive and friendly. Anne's blog is a great place to visit because she has so many interests that she shares. She loves needle crafts as well as papercrafts and she has a big interest in vintage items which she uses to great effect, and to top it all she is an excellent photographer. Ann'es latest post is an excellent tutorial on making hanging decorations using vintage embroidery

Vintage embroidery hanging decorations fron Ann at 

and I recommend that you pop right over there. I bet you will want to get a needle out straight away.

The second person I want to introduce is Joyce from Cards by the Sea. Joyce lives in California and is a really kind person who goes out of her way to be helpful. Joyce is a  most prolific card maker and can produce several lovely cards in one sitting when it takes me most of a day to come up with just one! This is her latest card,

Birthday card by Joyce at

 made for a sketch challenge and it is a great sample of her bright, eclectic style.

The last person I want to introduce this time is Tracey from In my Creative Opinion. Tracey lives in Ontario, Canada and is extremely kind and supportive. She is on the Design Team for CASology and Colour Q Royal Court and I can always rely on getting some inspiration when I visit her blog. The link takes you to a beautiful card she made recently

Sympathy card by Tracey at

for a Muse challenge. Tracey really excels at CAS designs.

Well that wraps it up for this time but if you like what you have seen today, I will do a similar, regular post.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this has brightened up your Monday.



  1. Hi Carol, what a lovely post - I can't see why anyone would be offended by such a lovely gesture. I think this is a great way to be introduced to bloggers and their fabulous work. We might never find them otherwise! Thanks for the links.

  2. I am grinning ear to ear that you were so kind as to highlight me on your blog. What a wonderful surprise, at the end of the day, to come upon this huge compliment from you. Thanks so much. On another topic, who in your house was happy last weekend with the results of the football match? My DH and DD were super sad.

  3. Carol you are so kind! I'm really chuffed you've put me in this post. There are so many brilliant bloggers out there its hard to keep up with everyone. And don't you think its so amazing we have the means to jump around the world to see what other crafters are up to!

  4. Beautiful work to all the crafty ladies!

  5. That was a great idea, Carol, and so sweet of you! Two of your showcase blogs are favorite sites and peeps of mine, too, and now I'm off to get to know Anne!!

  6. I don't know anyone that would object to being showcased on your blog. I know I enjoy checking out my peeps blog buddies. So kudos to you, and thanks for the kind words you left while visiting.

  7. Carol my head is swelling almost as much as my heart. The fact that you would create a post like this shows what an amazing person you are. Thank you for the kind words but it goes both ways. I always love visiting your blog too which is how I happened upon this post.

  8. This is so sweet that you decided to link people to others blogs!! I am going to check them out right now!!


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